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“Dream-e-scape” is an immersive and interactive 360º installation about the mind  and the search for awareness in which the public experiences a sensory  voyage that captures the surreal nature of dreams, where the line is  blurred between the physical and the digital world, between the real and  the imaginary.

The  piece  is based on the state of sleep, an imaginary journey one can experience  with the eyes wide open. The piece explores the concept of Lucid Dream, the state in which we are asleep and become aware we are dreaming, and  the ability we have to control the dreams, the agency we have over our  thoughts and desires. We are testing reality, are we awake?

Video on YouTube

Role: UX Designer & Creative Technologist

Team members: Laia Cabrera, Isabelle Duverger, Nana Simopoulos

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