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Slimey Mirrors

Slimey Mirrors is an interactive installation that allows for people to see their self as an  avatar of slime, responding to one's movement in a mirrored manner, and  at the same time responding to the laws of motion of slime. The  environment is a cave also made of slime, and it can interact with  people by spilling slime of different textures. When prompted by a ball  of slime, people can also throw slime at the mirror and at one another.

The  installation works with a full body tracking sensor, and therefor  allows to move freely in the space without having to wear any  technology. We are looking to create an experience in which people can  instinctively interact, with technology being invisible.

Video on YouTube

Role: UX Designer & Creative Technologist

Team members: Laia Cabrera, Isabelle Duverger, Lucas Ordoñez

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