Hi I am Aniol, a UX Designer & Creative Technologist based in New York City. I have built my career around technology, art and design, and have worked in multiple projects involving new technologies such as VR & AR. My passion is to design and build interactive experiences that help users learn and discover through play. My work involves all kinds of multimedia experiences, from mobile games to full-scale art installations.

If you want to know more about how I got here, here's the story:

I have always liked creativity and problem-solving. When I was a kid, I already had a little studio in which I could create my own inventions, toys, and paintings that we would use or display around the house; I loved the fact of creating something useful out of “nothing”.


Later on, my interest in art and new technologies began when I had to choose a subject for my high school final project. Initially, I wanted to make a stop-motion short film, but when I discovered the world of 3D animation and started to carry out some research on what it consisted of, I was amazed and so I ended up doing a 3D animation short film.


During my undergraduate degree, my interests became more focused thanks to many collaborative projects related to interactivity and technology, but the one which helped me the most was the final grade project. A classmate and I developed a cooperative video game in which two players had to collaborate in order to overcome different obstacles and levels. While working on the project, I discovered how video games can help to improve many aspects of daily life, even the simplest ones. We made the user testing on children who were from 4 to 8 years old and who played with their teacher in a summer camp. It was awesome to see how the different kids interacted with the teacher and the video game, telling her their ideas to keep moving, helping each other, and sometimes not agreeing and having to reach agreements to keep moving.


When I finished my undergraduate degree, I studied the master's degree in art & creation of video games by Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, in which I acquired solid knowledge on game design and art in video games as well as in a wide range of tools. The main objective of the master was to create a commercial video game in collaboration with 6 other teammates, but without taking too much into account the purpose of the game beyond fun.


Lastly, I graduated from a Master’s degree in Games for Learning at NYU which I studied because I wanted to learn more about the use of interactive experiences and games in our society and how can we take advantage of their affordances to support better education and/or improve everyday life in general.

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