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Suite containing adapted versions of the games: All You Can ET, Gwakkamole, and CrushStations, that displayed at the long term exhibition named Superpowered Metropolis from the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

"The exhibit is designed to help children develop, enhance, and practice their executive function skills, which are critical for the early  development of both cognitive and social capacities. Executive functions are essential for social-emotional well-being and academic success. Every child is born with the ability to strengthen these skills, and it is the daily interactions with adults that help the skills develop. The  exhibit shares tips, games, and activities for the adults and children to play together at the Museum, at home, and around the city." Exhibitions - Children's Museum of Manhattan, Accessed 24 May 2020

Role: UX Designer & Developer

Advisors: Jan L Plass, Bruce D Homer

Collaborator: Children's Museum of Manhattan

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